Criminal charges in Oshawa? Call now to build the best defence possible.

If you or a family member has been charged with a crime in Durham Region, then now is the time to call Martínez Law. There is simply no substitution for years of experience and commitment fighting criminal charges.

Defence lawyer Shane Martínez offers precisely that to the residents of Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and all surrounding areas.

Don’t risk going in unprepared. The consequences of what may have been an avoidable criminal conviction could have long-lasting implications, such as jail time, travel restrictions, and lost employment opportunities.

The resources available to the Crown prosecutor are extensive and seemingly limitless. To even the power imbalance it is necessary to have tireless representation that you can count on.

With Martínez Law by your side, you are guaranteed to have loyal, skilled and creative representation from the first day you walk into court until the time that the case is finally resolved.

No case is too complex. No case is too small.

Shane Martínez has defended clients charged with the most minor to the most serious of offences, from theft and mischief to drug importation and murder. No matter what the charge, no matter what the accusations, the objective remains the same: fight relentlessly for the best possible outcome. This often means working towards a withdrawal of the charges before the case makes it to trial. However in the event that the matter does proceed, we don’t back down. The firm offers strategic and experienced defence against all criminal offences in Oshawa, including (but not limited to):

  • Assault (All Types)
  • Firearms
  • Homicide (Manslaughter and Murder)
  • Drug Offences
  • Robbery
  • Impaired Driving (Drugs or Alcohol)
  • Firearms Offences
  • Theft and Fraud
  • Uttering Threats
  • Sexual Offences

Arrests can happen at any time. We’re available 24/7.

It is rare for someone to be prepared for criminal charges. They can happen at any time, and often represent one of the most difficult times in a person’s life.

The unexpected nature of how the process initially unfolds demands that a lawyer be available at the drop of a hat.

For this reason we offer service at any time in urgent / emergency situations.

Call 905-556-2456

for a free consultation with Shane Martínez.

At Martínez Law one of our focuses is on client engagement and participation, so that you are never left in the dark about what is happening with your case.

While we shoulder the hard work, you remain appraised of what is taking place throughout the course of your case.

That way you can rest with confidence knowing that everything possible is being done to achieve the best outcome in the circumstances.

Need a defence lawyer?

Attorney Shane Martinez can be reached by phone, fax or email.

We also offer free initial consultations that can be organized at a time that fits your schedule.

Martinez Law’s main office is based downtown we also have satellite offices for clients in the GTA.

Martinez Law

1235 Bay Street, Suite 700
Toronto, ON M5R 3K4

Phone: 905-556-2456

Collect Calls: 416-296-1996

Fax: 866-436-6586

*Do not send confidential information via email.

**Submission of case information does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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Should You Consider martinez law Oshawa?

Here at martinez law Oshawa we all look at becoming a criminal defense lawyer exceedingly sincerely. We understand that unquestionably when folks are hunting to obtain an Oshawa based conspiracy lawyer they require the top. Unendingly continually struggle to be the smartest criminal defense lawyer we all could be within Ontario. It is our commitment to being the best that has earned us all such great honor here with our backbone patrons.

Being an Oshawa based conspiracy lawyer we all also definitely aim to remember to hear all of our buyers issues with extreme diligence and without judgment. We all without fail go to the trouble. All of us believe that it's extremely vital to be certain that consumers really feel understood and even taken care of.

Now there are not an excess of criminal defense lawyer that own the exact knowledge and experience to label their business as being mentor inside their market. Mix this together with a higher level of client support and certainly we feel we absolutely are the best Oshawa based conspiracy lawyer within Ontario.

Just want to learn how to start?

Everything begins with a telephone call.

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We are pleased to go over all your criminal defense lawyer inquiries in greater detail on the telephone or maybe by using e mail if perhaps that is better for you personally. Following this we shall advise the choice which best meets your demands. Learn just why people do call us the perfect Oshawa based conspiracy lawyer!

Continue to Need Prodding? Some Other Reasons Why martinez law Oshawa is Criminal Lawyer Oshawa

Dedication to Top Quality - Weapons Lawyer Oshawa and Theft Lawyer Oshawa

Our loyalty to excellence is definitely extraordinarily substantial. In case you're wanting to be an Oshawa based conspiracy lawyer or an Oshawa based conspiracy lawyer, there's really no other alternative but to do your very best in order to exceed expectations. Whenever any specific customer needs added attention, we all supply this consumer additional work. Anything in order to be confident they will be very pleased with us all as a criminal defense lawyer. Note, we work with almost all of Ontario, therefore make sure you contact us today.

Willpower - Sexual Assault Lawyer Oshawa and An Oshawa Based Conspiracy Lawyer

Many clients have occasionally defined our business as an Oshawa based conspiracy lawyer, an Oshawa based conspiracy lawyer, an Oshawa based conspiracy lawyer combined with the leading Ontario based criminal defense lawyer that could exist! Honestly that would not transpire unless there's amazingly diligent toil as well as persistence for ones clientele plus the quality of your end result. Anytime you might be looking to obtain an Oshawa based conspiracy lawyer, we all really believe we're really the preferred choice. Simply call martinez law Oshawa to discuss your situation ASAP! (647) 717-8111.

Expertise - An Oshawa Based Conspiracy Lawyer and An Oshawa Based Conspiracy Lawyer

With most any marketplace, knowledge is usually a significant ingredient when it comes to final results. If perhaps you're wanting an Oshawa based conspiracy lawyer, well this is usually even more true. Being a criminal defense lawyer, we all will tell anyone categorically how the end result is certainly dictated through the knowledge of the organization you're contracting. The enormously large level of practical experience which martinez law Oshawa provides in being an Oshawa based conspiracy lawyer, is the reason you should really invest in us all with your valued critical needs. When you happen to be wanting to get an Oshawa based conspiracy lawyer, believe in martinez law Oshawa. Please consult with us straightaway.

Phone ASAP to Get Your Obligation Free Consultation!

We cannot get beaten. Don't pay higher rates because you couldn't discuss with all of us. Positive you have an incredible value ? Why don't you be absolutely positively sure? Speak to any of us. You could just simply realize that we are more suitable company. Countless customers have before.

Figuring out the criminal defense lawyer to use is a difficult undertaking. Go with a thought out plan. You should meet with all of us with absolutely no expectations to find out for yourself if we all are the very best criminal defense lawyer for your situation.

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