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Well, Congress reached a deal, and Professor Obama and Reed the Prizefighter are gloating. They should. The middle of the road Republicans once again caved, cowered, and went home with there tails between their legs. I am one of the 60% who believe that every member of Congress, including my own, should be voted out of office. We need to get rid of the Republican and Democratic labels, and start seeing representatives as liberals and conservatives.

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Only politicians can believe that pushing off a decision they haven't been able to make for close to two years is a victory. Businessmen and women know how to negotiate issues at different times, but rarely do they let a deal die from inertia. We need term limits. I, James Stuckey, believe we need to set a goal of cutting the size of the Federal workforce 5% by 2016, the Federal budget by 3% (not the increases in the budget, but the budget itself), and we need to have an IQ job requirement for all elected officials and government workers. I wouldn't go to a doctor who became paralyzed when he or she was in the middle of surgery, or who couldn't order medical supplies because of disagreements with other doctors in his/her group. Why should I have a member of Congress who can't decide the tough issues.

Candidly, I would rather that Congress didn't kick the can down the road and passed a budget I hated. At least I would know where they stand and would give them marks for courage.

I am retired, and if I meet my projected life expectancy, have about 15 more years to go. But boy, do I feel for all of you young idealistic liberals who voted these nuts into office. One day, you're going to wake up and not know what hit you.

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