(Chapter 3) Law School

So, funnel theory. It is the theory I have created for life. Where I am today is because I entered into a series of funnels. Some of them are of my own creation and some are societal. I am 49 years old. I was born into a family that had newly created wealth. I knew nothing but good times financially as a child. That is until my parents lost all the money they had made when I was a teenager.I was born and raised in Reno. The money came from a hotel there. My dad believed that his children should start at the bottom and do all of the bottom jobs. He believed this because it is what his father mad him do (he was a window washer).

So, I had to work at the hotel doing every job imaginable. I was a maid, maintenance man, worked in the laundry, was a pool boy, cleaned the pool, emptied slot machines and table games for the money, was a busboy, pre-chef, supervisor in the restaurant, and all-around lackey. I really liked it there. Dad sold his share, put his money into his own casino and lost it all.

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So I then bumbled my way into other jobs I was a salesperson in a shoe store, buyer for a clothing store, worked at Macy's, and managed pawn shops. Eclectic and random, right? As I posted before, I was funneled into marriage and then funneled into my next career choice. I decided to go to law school.

I hadzero exposure to the law. I had never even been in a courtroom. Heck, I am not even sure I knew any lawyers. But, the funnel was there and my best friend always wanted to be a lawyer and everyone said how great and noble and super it would be, so I applied. It was 1992 and everyone and his brother wanted to go to law school. I was accepted to one school and one school only. A school in Michigan that literally accepted everyone. Seriously, Everyone.

So I literally dragged my new wife kicking and screaming to Michigan so I could be a lawyer. She did not want to leave the cosmetic counter she was working at for a department store. But, we we're newly we'd and she acquiesced. We moved to Lansing Michigan. As per funnel theory, we had all kinds of support before we left Reno, but once arrived we had nothing. We we're on our own and outside of the funnel.

This law school accepted everyone, as I said. What I did not say was that they kick out 50% of the people they accept. So, law school became a nightmare of fear. I was afraid of getting kicked out and I was afraid because I had no clue about the subject matter or law at all. It became my full-time job. The wife had three jobs to earn money for us. I was a monster. I did not realize that I was a monster until later. My stress levels we're off the charts and I was not nice. I slipped into the same comfortable patterns that I had learned from my parents during times of stress. Yell, scream, be judgmental, controlling and any other nasty mean thing you can imagine. Years later the wife told me she would go to work and roll into a fetal position and cry. I felt like an ass but the damage was done.

This school also went full year with only a few weeks in-between the semesters. So, very little time for any calm. Just aggressive behavior to get through law school. I hated it so much I accelerated and graduated in two and a half years instead of three. I also have to say there we're some good times during the three-year stint in Michigan. I just hate looking back now and seeing it for what it really was. The beginning of my transformation into a lawyer.

Funnel time. I was getting ready to graduate and guess what comes next in a young couples life? Yup, a child. All of the talk starts and the pushing and prodding to start having kids and then we are in the large part of the funnel. Yah! Happy, parties for us, gifts for us, cards and well-wishing and pride. Then our daughter was born and "pop" we are on the outside of the narrow end of the funnel alone. With a baby. No clue.

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