I recently ran across a podcast...

I recently ran across a podcast by a very substantial international law firm (no, I'd better not name them here but get in touch and I'll dish the dirt!). The subject-matter looked really interesting lawyers and social media (well, it's interesting to me as an ex-lawyer, now involved in business audio, which ties in very closely with social media). So I downloaded it.

It started really well a good, strong piece of opening music, then as soon as someone started talking, it went straight downhill in fact, the hill in this case was a perpendicular cliff-face!

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Chris Tarrant, when he was doing the Capital FM breakfast show, used to say that anyone on a dodgy phone-line sounded as though they we're talking through a sock.

This particular podcast, recorded over a trans-Atlantic phone-line, sounded as though it was being muffled by an entire sock drawer! As if that weren't bad enough, it was full of echo, digital wobble and bad editing all of which made it ultimately unlistenable.

It was a great idea, in theory. Unfortunately, the producers shot themselves in both feet. What a waste of an opportunity!

Well, there's one fairly extreme example for you. I'll see if I can pull out a clip (which doesn't identify the people involved) and upload it here, just to give you a taster of how truly awful this thing was! OOPS! doesn't even begin to describe it!

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