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Hanover Park Progress is devoted to deliberative, open government, where the Village Board sets the vision of our hometown. This vision should be created with the input from residents as part of an open process which includes budgeting and yearly objectives. The Progress team does not believe that the Village Manager should set the direction for the Village. The Board should not have to react to the actions of the manager. This puts the elected Trustees in a reactionary position, which emphasizes the needs of the Village Manager and department heads above the needs of the residents. It is time to put the needs of the taxpayer first!

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The decision of the Village Manager to place the needs of Department Heads ahead of the working employees is a sad reflection on where this organization is today. This is pretty embarrassing dialog and in total misalignment with my own personal values as a retired manager of a multi-billion dollar organization. As a manager, I understood that my success was based on the success of the people who worked in the trenches. I went out of my way to acknowledge that fact and give recognition to those individuals' hard work that made our organization successful. It has become most unfortunate that the Village Manager dictates policy for the Board Majority who have become a rubber stamp for the demands of the Manager.

It's time for a change! It's time for taxpayers to have a say in their Village! It's time for a cohesive Village Board that is willing to work together in a consensus environment and is willing to listen to the needs of the residents. It's time for Progress in Hanover Park!

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