In yet another sad and disturbing chapter in the Fentanyl pain patch saga, the husband of a woman who died from a Fentanyl overdose has won his lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, the distributor of the Duragesic patches. Fentanyl is a pain killer which is stronger than morphine, and the Duragesic patches release Fentanyl through the skin. The victim, a mother of five, was suffering from pain after back surgery when she used the patches. The victim's lawyers alleged that the patches we're leaky and therefore defective, resulting in the woman's deadly overdose of Fentanyl. To learn more about the dangers of Fentanyl, please visit our webpage. Have you or someone you know been hurt or killed as the result of a Fentanyl overdose in California?

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The Fentanyl skin patch in this case involved Johnson & Johnson subsidiaries, Janssen Pharmaceutical and Alza. The jury found that the woman's death was due 80% to the Fentanyl overdose and 20% to poor advice she received from a physician's assistant. Per the jury, Johnson & Johnson put their product on the market with a defect which was a legal cause of the death. 60 additional lawsuits are pending regarding still more Fentanyl overdoses. J&J settled two other lawsuits for Fentanyl overdoses in the past two years. Some Fentanyl pain patches, also known as Duragesic skin patches have been recalled due to defective elements, and the FDA has issued multiple warnings regarding their usage.

If you believe that you or a loved one has suffered from a Fentanyl patch overdose, please get help from a pharmaceutical attorney. At ourLaw Firm we have more than 50 years legal experience. Let us help you in this difficult time. Help is just a phone call away.

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