Mark Kirk Sells Out Illinois

US Rep. Mark Kirk - 10th Congressional District - has essentially sold out Illinois for his lobbyist friends. Common sense has taken a backseat to campaign donations. Can someone tell me the difference between "pay for play" and how Rep. Kirk voted on Cap and Trade? Rep. Kirk was listed in the Top 20 receivers of environmental lobbyist PAC money in 2008.

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Rep. Kirk has his eyes on the Senate seat first, and the Governor's mansion second. If he tries to run, be sure to NOT vote for him the in primary season. He, with the help of 7 other GOP, allowed Cap and Trade to pass the House. Now, with Stuart Smalley (aka Al Frankin) providing a filibuster proof Senate, Cap and Trade will have better chances of getting passed into law.

Thanks Rep. Mark Kirk. Thanks for representing the interests of the environmental lobby over Illinois. If anyone reading this sees the unemployment line in 2012 because Cap and Trade passes or you're paying 25% more on your power bills, be sure to call his office and thank him. I know I will.

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