Invaders infiltrating America.

That was the problem. Paul Revere spread the word, to warn We the People, because for-warned is for-armed.

Fast forward to 2013: Invaders have infiltrated America again. That is the problem. We the People must become the New Paul Revere, collectively speaking, to warn the others about this very real threat, because for-warned is for-armedstill.

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There is as new Paul Revere in America today. It is you and I. Welcome to We will be spreading the word about those who have infiltrated America. Decades ago, these infiltrators took over the USA's Congress, school system, judicial system and national mainstream media and they continue to run our nation today, using media propaganda, fake elections and voter fraud to stay in power.

Meet the New World Order Party. Having taken control of both major political parties the Democratic Party and the Republican Party this group of Federal Reserve Bankers, billionaires and other world leaders have pulled off the biggest scam in the history of Mankind: They took over the greatest, most powerful and prosperous nation on Earth and have convinced the vast majority of the American population that our democratic Constitutional Republic is alive and well, and functioning as intended.

Nothing could be further from the Truth.

When the government controls both political parties and the ballot boxes, is it likely that We the People are participating in free and honest elections? When those in power are choosing both major party candidates, isn't that a guarantee that those in power will remain in power? When those in power (NWOP) continually lie to We the People and scam all of us by making us believe that our votes count, are those in power serving We the People? Or are they serving someone else? When those in power no longer honor and support a government of the people, by the people and for the people, isn't that, by definition, evidence of a coup (government takeover)?

When those in power no longer serve We the People, by definition, don't we really have an Enemy in control of our government? When those in power no longer serve We the People, isn't it time for We the People to warn our neighbors, friends, families and communities that our government has been taken over by an Enemy of America?

We think so. is committed to spreading the word about this government takeover to every American we can possibly reach. We're relying on you to take these warnings and pass them on to your families, friends and communities, and we're all praying that all Americans will have the courage as our forefathers did to stand up to these infiltrators, identify them all and throw them all out of office as soon as possible?

Electing Hillary Clinton in 2016 will not accomplish this goal. Hillary Clinton is part of the New World Order Party, as is her husband, ex-president Bill Clinton. The Republican Party will most likely offer up a completely unelectable RINO as their 2016 presidential nominee as they have in the past two elections, thus guaranteeing the appearance of American support for Clinton, but the truth is our votes will not be counted because the decision has already been made: Hillary Clinton has already been appointed President of the United States, to take over the position after the 2016 faux-election.

We the People have two years to spread the word in order to come against this New World Order Party's plan to prop up another one of their members as POTUS. It is important that We the People understand that the Primary Elections are all fake both parties are controlled by the New World Order Party. That means that Americans really have only one choice for POTUS, and that is to allow the NWOP to continue to control our nation. The NWOP controls both parties, so they control both candidates. We the People have no choice in the matter of Presidential elections. It's time we make our voices heard.

Consider this your wake-up call. The New Paul Revere has just passed through your town and is spreading the word that there is an invader in America, who has taken over the U.S. government. Please spread the word to your friends, families and communities. We don't have to allow this takeover to continue, and only We the People can stop it.

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