My censure resolution failed in a close vote

My censure resolution failed in a close vote (11-8). The most common argument against the resolution was anticipation of the damage it would do to the party's image and fundraising efforts.

What about the damage these Republican elected officials do to the party when they fail their constituents? What about the damage we do to our own party when we show that we care more about our own image than standing up for residents of Ellis County?

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Although my censure resolution failed, another precinct chairman saved the credibility of the party by introducing a motion to form a committee that will meet with each member of the Commissioners' Court to find out why in the heck they voted to end evening county meetings.

His motion passed overwhelmingly, which shows the public that the Ellis County Republican Party does care about keeping our county government accessible to residents. It also shows the Commissioners' Court that we are paying attention.

If we had failed to take action, we would have reduced ourselves to nothing more than door-to-door salesmen during election years. Our primary role is to turn out the Republican vote come election time, but we also need to be a responsible party that holds members of our own party accountable to the public.

If we fail to stand up for what's right and turn a blind eye to injustices inflicted by our elected officials, we turn our backs on the voters of Ellis County and they will turn their backs on us.

I admit I am disappointed that we did not take a more forceful action against County Judge Carol Bush and Commissioners Bill Dodson, Ron Brown and Dennis Robinson after their complete and willful disregard for residents. However, I am pleased that the party decided the court's actions warranted scrutiny.

I want to thank my fellow Ellis County Republican Party colleagues for showing residents that we do care about them.

I will continue to do what I believe is in the best interest of Ellis County residents. We're all in this together and need to stand up for each other.

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