A man from Antioch, CA died in a multiple vehicle accident on Interstate 680. The crash occurred near Concord Avenue in Concord. The 31-year-old victim allegedly swerved to avoid a pair of mattresses lying on the center lanes of the Highway. That caused a chain reaction including two other cars and resulted in the man's death.

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While driving down the interstate, according to CHP, the victim veered left when he noticed the mattresses. Through the swerving, he made contact with a car passing on his left which sent both cars spinning into the center divide. The man's car continued spinning, now without headlights, back into traffic where he was struck by yet another car. This final crash ejected the man from his car. The collision happened shortly after midnight and resulted in multiple lane closures. California freeway accidents can be dangerous and fatal and can result from a number of factors, including speed, drunk driving, driver error or inattention, road debris (as in this incident), faulty road design, or vehicle malfunction

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